Phil Spector Trial Sure to Be a Spectacle

The jury selection in the Phil Spector/Lana Clarkson murder trial begins today. Will John Waters and Dominick Dunne have front row seats? Thanks to CourtTV we will! This is gonna be right up there with the O.J. trial as must-see TV. Perhaps even the Celebrity Trial of the Century? Wonder if this clip from The Ramones' documentary End of the Century will be submitted as evidence?

Just at the point when the Anna Nicole story begins to "decompose," the media is thrown a meatier bone. Expect much gnashing of teeth and wagging of tongues by the circus clowns who bring us the news. Nancy Grace is gonna flip her wig! Speaking of which, what wigs will Spector wear? And what of poor Lana Clarkson's reputation which, as this story about Spector's nefarious past from Sunday's L.A. Times tells us, is sure to be dragged through the mud? (This bizarre -- and rather questionable -- clip on YouTube featuring Clarkson as Little Richard is probably just one of the too-weird-to-make-up tangents to a story that is gonna obsess us -- and Crimerant -- for a loooooong time!)

Kenneth Anger may have to publish a whole new Hollywood Babylon to capture this scandal in all its sordid glory. Poor, poor Clarkson. Mothers, keep your daughters away from Hollywood! And teach them to never, ever accompany legendary madmen to their Alhambra mansions.

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