Pets on PAPER: Meet Zsa Zsa & Mulley

For this edition of Pets on PAPER, we are pleased to present to you some pets that are neither cats nor dogs. This week, it's all about the birds! Meet Zsa Zsa and Mulley, a pair of green and blue pudgy little parakeets, respectively.

Where do you live? Yna's house during the day, the garage during the night. We're never cooped up like those chickens.

How old are you? Old enough to fly and nest on our own.

What are your pastimes? Ruffling our wings, chewing on toes, shaking our tailfeathers, looking fierce in photoshoots, perching on Paper magazine, and caw caw cawing (more like tweet tweet tweeting) as soon as the sun comes out. We're light-hearted free spirits!

What's your favorite PAPER cover and why? We love Charlotte Gainsbourg because Yna loves any product of Jane Birkin. We also loved how Cat Power's was featured, even though we try our best to keep away from cats. All her songs are cheery in a soulful sense and we chirp along to her tunes. Her Cat Stevens covers just glisten when we listen. We want more talented minorities on the cover, like the March 2006 Maggie Cheung cover. Perhaps a celebrity pet? Cough cough Mulley + Zsa Zsa.

Put your pet on PAPER! Take a photo of your pet with a copy of PAPER magazine, have him/or answer the questions above and email the goods to with the phrase "Pets on PAPER" in the subject line!

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