Peter Hale Cooney III: The Caped Crusader of Chic

Peter Davis
Andre Leon Talley loves to wrap himself up in capes and caftans, but you don't have to be an over-the-top Vogue editor to pull off a man cape. Young fashion designer Peter Hale Cooney III has designed a collection with man capes that are less Batman/Superman and more super-chic. Massachusetts native Cooney does private commissioned pieces for both men and women and even writes his own style blog]. So why capes? "I've always had an affinity for capes, cloaks and the like," he tells me from his studio in Williamsburg. "They're such a romantic garment that you see so little of these days. I find the draping, fullness and movement of such garments very eye catching and alluring. If I have a special event coming up, I'll make myself something to wear and I pretty much always make a splash. My crowning achievement was a silk chiffon cape with a satin tuxedo pin-tucked lape inspired by the costumes of the Sanderson Sisters in Hocus Pocus. I wore it to a Marc Jacobs Collection fashion show and could barely get to my seat through all the people asking me for photos, where I got it, who was it by etc."

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