Peter Davis' Status Update: The (Cool) Tax Man

Peter Davis

As a shopaholic, this recession talk is a total bummer. I am trying (unsuccessfully) to limit my dough spending to Topman (neon rings and rosary beads and faux Dior Homme jackets), but buying art isn't really shopping so my new obsession is Partners & Spade, the genius design think tank/gallery/store run by Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti. Last weekend I scored two Mike Mills prints from his "1971" show, a vintage M&Co pin, a rickshaw photograph by Greg Vore, a found photograph and drawing and two framed found gun photographs. I want more. I'm helping the economy and making my walls look better. So the IRS should give me a break. Speaking of the meanie IRS -- if you haven't done your taxes, Partners & Spade's "Accounting Division" will do a complimentary 2008 tax preparation in the front window of their space on Great Jones Street. Just don't let Steve Stojowski, CPA, dissuade you from spending inside!

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