Peter Davis' Status Update: Shayan Afshar's Pyramid Scheme

Peter Davis
When 20-year-old Shayan Afshar goes to see the LA Lakers play, he straps on a blingy purple G-Shock that's encased in yellow gold with seven-karat yellow diamonds. "I wanted to take my loyalty to the team to the next level," he explains with a laugh. Afshar, who is half Persian and half Cuban, grew up around similarly over-the-top jewelry in his dad's shop in downtown Los Angeles. Afshar started making custom pieces for celebrity pals like Mister Cartoon, Ray J and Floyd Mayweather and recently launched his own eponymous line of bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces with the fashionable pyramid stud as a focal point. The affordable collection is available in yellow gold, rose gold, and black rhodium and sold at stores like Curve and Dash. Afshar says he is "inspired by everything" and is always sketching jewelry ideas when he talks on the phone or watches TV. His last brainstorm was a rainbow ring with gem stones that resemble Skittles. No custom request is ever turned down. "I've seen everything," he says. "There is no challenge too big. Bring me an idea or a drawing and I can do it."

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