Peter Davis' Status Update: Seven Celebs Who Snort, According to Christopher Ciccone

Peter Davis

Here are seven celebrities Christopher Ciccone claims to have done cocaine with in his 342-page book Life With My Sister Madonna:

Kate Moss (page 234, 263)
Naomi Campbell (page 234)
Courtney Love (page 256-7)
Jack Nicholson (page 265)
Dennis Hopper (page 265)
Donatella Versace (page 257, 263-265)
Ingrid Casares (page 234-235)

And as an added bonus, here are two major Madonna players whose names Ciccone misspells:

Debi Mazar: “Debi Mazur” (page 168)
Sandra Bernhard: “Sandra Bernhardt” (page 195)

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