Peter Davis' Status Update: Dress like a Star

Peter Davis

Want to legally get into Miley Cyrus' pants? I got into Hannah Montana's Libertine shorts (for $13), and you can too! You must check out It's a Wrap, an L.A.-based boutique that sells wardrobe treasures from TV shows and movies, many of which have never been worn. The store was founded in 1981 by Janet Dion and the fun comes when you check out the code on the tag and figure out what show or movie your velvet jacket came from (OMG! SJP wore this skirt on SATC!). Who doesn't want to wear Drew Barrymore's blood-splattered white pants from Scream for dinner at The Waverly Inn? It's a Wrap re-stocks threads as fast as a Jessica Simpson movie goes straight to DVD, so a weekly visit is a must!

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