Peter Davis' Status Update: Crazy Dancing Uptown, Smoking Josh Hartnett Downtown

Peter Davis

Last Friday I donned head-to-toe Michael Bastian black tie (my stylist/date was MB's stunning PR power-chic Eugenia Gonzalez Ruiz-Olloqui) and trucked to the Bronx in Martin Dawson's rented white super-stretch limo with an interior like a 1985 euro-disco (think loud tunes, pulsating rainbow lights, long leather seats) for the annual Winter Wonderland Ball at the New York Botanical Gardens. Anyone who wasn't at Art Basel in Miami was there. I hung with Vogue's Serena Nikkhah, Annie Churchill, Lydia Fenet, Christian Leone, Alex Kramer, Danny Baker, Kate Schelter, designer Chrtistian Cota, Dalia Oberlander, Miguel Fabregras, Alexandra Lind Rose, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Karla Martinez, Patrick McMullan, Meredith Melling Burke, Daniel Urzedo, Lisa Salzer (who designs the amazing jewelry line Lulu Frost), designer Yigal Azrouel, Bettina Prentice, designer Douglas Hannant, Frederick Anderson, Gillian Minter, Marc Biron, Dr. Lisa Airan, dapper Josh Peskowitz, Guest of a Guest's Rachelle Hruska, J.T. White, Lauren Goodman, handsome Nick Brown, Vena Cava's Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, Luke Weil, Lara Meiland Shaw, Moises de la Renta, Nathalie Kaplan, Wyatt Harris and basically half of Manhattan's most social PYTs. My fave moment was witnessing writer/filmmaker Jack Bryan spin and flip Lauren Remington Platt in the air on the dance floor. Attention all reality TV producers: you have your first contestant couple for Dancing with the Socialites. "It's in my blood," Bryan explained. Post-Botanical, Eugenia and I hit the hot-spot formerly called The Boom Boom Room where Josh Hartnett chain-puffed cigarettes on the outside porch with two buddies. "He sucks the air out of every room he's in," whined a straight pal of mine about Hot-nett, who had the girls (and the gays) elbowing to be near the movie star. Put out the ciggie Josh, you're already on fire.

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