Peter Davis' Status Update: Artwalk’s Cute Kids

Peter Davis

Kipton Cronkite and Bettina Prentice hosted the Artwalk NY Junior Committee Benefit for the Coalition of the Homeless at “Hearthstone” in Sagaponack last Saturday. Tons of cute kids were there. Want names? How about: Jamie Prentice, Kate Prentice, Peter Smith, Amanda Hearst, Stephen Gaghan and designer Minnie Mortimer, Liam McMullan, Kathryn Bohannon, William Heath, Devorah Rose, Timo Weiland, Elizabeth Pyne, Sean Patrick Murray, Nina Freudenberger, writer Martin Marks, Field Kallop, Nick Fouquet, Paul Slater and Chessy Wilson, Roy Kean, Madonna ex Roy Liebenthal, Charlotte Bocly, Emilie Ghilaga and shorts-loving scribe Douglas Marshall.
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