Peter Davis' Status Update: Arc NY, Beauty Is Power

Peter Davis
Lorenzo Martone and Ryan Brown understand the power of brand name beauties. Last night in SoHo they launched Arc New York, a talent PR agency that debuted with big-time models/clients like Lydia Hearst, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jessica White and Julie Henderson. It was a cozy-chic affair at Arc NY's stylish offices with Magnolia cupcakes, Pop burgers and lots of champagne. Also there: Martone's fiance Marc Jacobs, Henderson's beau Russell Simmons and the divine Olivia Palermo. Admiring the knockout supermodels and eating bright blue icing is totally my kind of party. "We noticed that many celebrities are trying to invest in a different career than that one that did put them in the map, but because of the lack of strategy, sometimes those side projects fail or in many cases are not so credible," Martone told me. "My contribution to the business is the strategic aspect of talent PR. I have been developing strategy for brands for quite a while now with Chandelier Creative, and believe strongly that I will be able to do the same with our girls."

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