Peter And The Wolf Live All Over NYC

This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Peter and the Wolf (aka Red Hunter) perform three times at different venues in Brooklyn. Red set off this morning on his two week boat tour (which I wrote about ages ago) with fellow Austin musician Jana Hunter and the San Diego band, The Castanets.  My friend Kenny is going with them to film the whole experience and turn it into a documentary.  Lucky for New Yorkers, we all got a little glimpse of what to expect from this historical tour.

Friday Night @ Goodbye Blue Monday
This venue was deep in the heart of Bushwick but packed non-the-less.  The venue was covered from floor to ceiling with junk, which worked out well for Red because he prefers to play with a junk band.  And by "junk" I mean literally junk - Red encourages people to pick up any object (could be a bottle or a pipe or a can, etc.) and beat it like an instrument along to his guitar.  And then by "band" I mean random friends and strangers he meets along the tour.  I just so happened to join the junk band during this show.  It was so much fun!

Saturday Afternoon @ a boat on the Gowanus Canal
Also in Brooklyn, this little stationary boat was beat up but quite comfortable with sofas and benches.  Jana, The Castanets and Red all played (each pictured here) an intimate, acoustic set.  It was lovely.  I just wish I hadn't been so dang hungover.

Saturday Night @ Northsix
All the same musicians played again that very evening at the downstairs stage of Northsix.  Red again has his friends join him onstage to be part of his junk band.  I declined this time, choosing instead to enjoy the show.  Which I did! 

If you get a chance definitely go and see these amazing musicians.


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