Pete Campbell's Bitch Face + Smoothie Wars in Today's Eight Items or Less

Elizabeth Thompson

1) Here's a genius Tumblr blog devoted to resident Mad Men weasel Pete Campbell's smarmiest, smuggest facial expressions. Enjoy, lovely!  [PeteCampbellsBitchFace]

2) McDonald's is starting to dominate the smoothie market and Jamba Juice is pissed. They're fighting dirty by honoring coupons for McD's' smoothies through August 15! [WSJ] [YumSugar]

3) Blonde Redhead are hosting a live preview of their new album tonight at 92YTribeca. [BrooklynVegan]

4) Royal Tenenbaums Legos! [CraziestGadgets]

5) Sheep are taking over the former set of Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. [Neatorama]

6) Laughing Squid has a link to an amazing diorama series of tiny crime scenes called "No Country For Small Men" by Flickr user f28.

7) Why did Interpol's bassist Carlos D leave the band? Drummer Sam Fogarino says it's because "he really, really didn't like playing the bass. It's not his instrument of choice, and it definitely wasn't his first instrument." [Daily Swarm]

8) has shots of two gorillas at the San Francisco zoo inspecting a Nintendo DS that a kid accidentally dropped into their enclosure. Cuteness ensues. [Zooborns]

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