Perfume Genius' Video For New Single 'Queen' Is an Intense Ride

by Maggie Dolan

With an exceptional talent for songwriting Seattle-based Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, has made a name for himself by turning damaging experiences into beautiful, intimate tunes with his unwavering lyrical honesty and a self-produced lo-fi sound. From his debut LP Learning came "Mr. Peterson," a song about the forbidden student/teacher relationship and on his second album, Put Your Back N2 It, "Take Me Home" confronts self love with the exchange of sex for drugs. Although his latest effort "Queen," the first single off his recently announced third album Too Bright, heads into a louder, pop-ier sound, the sensitivity and candor of its message remains the same. Jumping into the world of corporate pigs, including business meetings with giant shrimp, and peppy cheerleader troupes in a a new clip directed by SSION, PG says this song addresses "gay panic" -- the feeling of realizing that simply your presence in a room is making everyone around you feel uncomfortable. Watch him rage at their antiquated perceptions above. 

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