There is nothing new if we say that Spencer invites the trouble. The male staple company is well known for its incredible gifts and other stuff, but, this time, Spencer just stepped on the other side of the line. Rather, we would claim it a blunder what Spencer has just come up with. The buzz is all about a Trump inspired T-shirt, put on display in one of Spencer's physical stores. The T-shirt controversy has become viral and Spencer is being called out for offensive doing. As reported by The Oregonian, Spencer is facing accusations of normalising sexual assault.

A resident of Portland, Mary Numair went out for shopping but was shocked to see a pro-Trump T-shirts that was put on display at Spencer's outlet. She took to Facebook and wrote a post stating, "Way to normalise sexual assault," There were four shirts that read, "Trump '16: Finally Someone With Balls," "Team Trump," "Grab America By The Pussy," and "Deal With It."

The "Grab America By The Pussy," was, however, related to the controversial Access Hollywood tape of the recently elected President from 2005, which was leaked in the market last October. In the tape, President Trump can be seen making sexually-explicit comments to Billy Bush. Numair also noted that the T-shirts were displayed right at the entrance of Store. The T-shirt faced a lash out on the social media.

People claim that this approach of a clothing brand of re purposing an offensive and sexually assaulting quotes would normalise it for easy repetition. The social media was full of the post claiming that this promotes non-consensual sexual behaviour. RAINN, a famous daily performed a survey according to which, at every 98 seconds one American is sexually assaulted and in most of the cases the perpetrators walk away with no charges imposed whatsoever.

Spencer took this with care and by Monday. The display of the Trump inspired T-shirt was moved to the back of the outlet. The Mall Manager', while talking to The Oregonian told that he insisted the Assistant Manager at Spencer to move the display. When cross checked by the newspaper, there was no T-shirt found in the store, the decision of removing the t-shirts altogether was a staff initiative and not a management's decision.

The offensive T-shirts are now nowhere to be seen in the Portland outlet of Spencer. However, Three out of the four t-shirts in Numair's picture are available online. As per the reports, these t-shirts were completely sold out for the first time stock and the current stock was replenished immediately. Clearing their intentions, the company's vice president, and general counsel, Kevin Mahoney said that Spencer's also has some anti-Trump T-shirts, #NotMyPresident T-shirt and Dump Trump toilet paper.

Mahoney added, "The ["Grab America By The Pussy"] shirt was never meant to promote any type of abuse or attack on any person." "The shirt originates with the comment made by the President-elect. The purpose of that shirt was to address that controversy and that news, and not in any way to condone that type of activity," he explained.

No matter what, the agitated shoppers are protesting against this horrendous move of Spencer's. They are raising slogans at Spencer's gift store in Portland and also writing on the company's social media page. It was L.L. Bean first and now Spencer's, the retail outlets are facing some real trouble after the elections.

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