Paz Sez: "I Wanna Take My F**king Clothes Off."

Alex Catarinella
Diesel's massive runway show this afternoon boasted a sizzling front row, per usual -- from the cool kids Vanessa Hudgens and Chase Crawford and the media mayhem which surrounded them, to Wyclef Jean, DJ Mia Moretti, PAPERMAG's guest-blogger Keri Hilson and Bryanboy. But we are totally not biased when we say that saucy current PAPER covergirl, actress Paz de la Huerta, owned that front row! PAPERMAG chit-chatted with Paz about her penchant for vintage Alaia and, of course, being naked.

You look fantastic on the PAPER cover, if we do say so ourselves...
[Photographer] Theo [Wenner] did a great job. I was wearing no makeup. He said to me, "I don't want you to wear any makeup!" I said, "Fine with me. I don't even like wearing makeup."

How would you describe your personal style?
I love Calvin Klein, I love vintage. I wore this vintage Calvin Klein silver dress the other night. I felt so beautiful. I like vintage designer clothes. I love Resurrection, I always go there. I love vintage Alaia.

Do you collect specific vintage pieces?
I have a lot of vintage Alaia, vintage Margiela. Some very simple, very black long dresses. Of course, Zac [Posen], is one of my best friends so I have some amazing things. He gave me this amazing fur coat for Christmas that I wear every day that he made just for me.

You're quite known for your open sexuality and sexy style. Do you think strong, sexy woman are missing in America?
I like sexy things. In America, yeah, hell yeah. It's like, if you wear a tight dress, you're a slut. If you're too covered up, you're a prude. There's too much black and white here. I'm half Spanish and whenever I go to Europe, there are no qualms about my sexuality. I mean, I was on the cover of Jalouse naked and Purple I've done naked a bunch of times. And they love it in France. I think if it's appropriate for a scene... you know, it's real. I spend a lot of time naked in my own life, in my apartment, when I get home, I wanna take my fucking clothes off! It's been along day, take a long bath, close the blinds and walk around naked.

Do you have a style icon?
I love Lauren Hutton. I love her style. It's classic, sexy, and she's so beautiful. It's effortless.

Any parties for you this week?
No more! I am done with Fashion Week. I go to Mendel's later, and then I start filming.

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