Paz de la Huerta Bonus Photos and Quotes from Our Winter 2010-11 Issue!


We can't get enough of Peter Davis's Winter 2010-11 cover story with Boardwalk Empire star Paz de la Huerta, and according to the buzz our piece has drummed up, neither can you. By popular demand, we bring you more photos and sound bites from New York's downtown-"it"-girl-provocateur.

On her risqué Boardwalk Empire character, Lucy Danziger:
When you play characters that you're supposed to hate, people end up thinking you're really like that and, of course, I'm not. But you become one with who you're playing, and the great thing about doing a series is that you have time to develop the character more. I was supposed to do seven episodes and I ended up doing 11 out of 12. The writers saw that Lucy was much deeper than they had originally envisioned her to be. She lives in the moment.
On whether she watches Boardwalk Empire:
I haven't been watching. After I do things I like to forget about them and move on. If I panicked about it all, I wouldn't be alive.

On growing up attending tony private schools, but not being spoiled:
It's not like my parents gave me money. I went to a school where everybody had a silver spoon in their mouth. I didn't have that. I got five dollars a day. So, yeah, as a kid I was broke. Now I have money and I can buy myself breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On the origins of her much-debated pout:
My lips are real. A lot of people think I have injections. I've had big lips since I was a baby. I can show you pictures.

On speaking to journalists:
Interviews are so hard for me sometimes. I cry. I am very emotional. But I laugh a lot too.

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