Paul Rodriguez, Gucci Mane and La Superior Goodness at Nike Stadium

Monica LoCascio

Last night Nike threw a launch party at the Bowery Stadium for the the release of skateboarder Paul Rodriquez's latest signature sneaker, the Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez 4. Judging by the line for the party, which went out the door and half-way down the block, people were dying for a chance to check out the shoes. It's easy to see why - developed by Rodriguez as a performance shoe, the sneakers' clean lines and classic colors make them must-haves for the non-skating sneaker freak. Of the new kicks, Rodguriez says, "There's nothing out there really like [these shoes], and I'm proud of [that]. They reflect this time in my life. I'm past all the flashiness and all the fanciness. Now it's back to the roots and being a pure skater."

After being fed by our favorite Mexican eatery La Superior, the throngs of beautiful pro-skaters, artists, and enthusiasts ended up dancing to a live performance by Gucci Mane, with Lil' Kim providing support nearby with her dance moves.

Photos of Gucci Mane and Lil' Kim  by Poe | Freshness Magazine

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