Partying with Kid Sister, Asics and the World's Largest Lite-Brite

Lisa Moon

On Tuesday night, Asics hosted quite the nostalgic affair at Splashlight Studios, spotlighting the largest Lite-Brite ever (remember those?) of neon kicks, of course. I didn't know what to expect with this event that showcased the motliest of the motley, colliding the likes of Kid Sister, Asics, the Vitamin Water crew and...the Guinness Book of World Records(?). And off it was to an unexpected night of surprises.

While DJ 24Court and Flosstradamus mixed it up, media folk coolly stood around in silence; on the other hand, my one-man posse Derrick and I chatted up a storm with the stiff Guinness Book of Records man clutching his book in the corner, bumped hips with the sloshed, slurring girls heading to guest house afterwards, and tried to keep up with the solo dancer of the eve, some Moby-doppelganger busting it upppp. No sign of Kid Sister paramour A-trak, or the rest of the fool's gold crew, although the standouts of the masses would have to be the Retro Kidz, who were out in full force with spiffy outfits and high-tops reminiscent of my favorite show, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

When Kid Sister showed, donning an Aaliyah tee and a bit of serious bling, it became a "Family Affair" as she broke it down with little bro J2K of Flosstradamus. While she most definitely killed it with dance hits "Beeper" and "Control" as well as some new tracks from her upcoming album (dropping late November!).

Dancing out of Splashlight to TLC's "Creep" ringing in our ears, we ran into Kid Sister (!) herself on a smoke break with a DJ 24Court lookalike. I knew my friend Derrick's ex-go-go moves (well-learned at Mr. Black) would pay off. "Hey I saw you cheesin' it in the front row. I'm Melissa," Kid Sister introduced herself with trademark sass, and off started a sprawling convo covering everything from their multiracial roots to "can it get more corporate than this?" We snagged the above pics of a much too modest, blushing "Melissa", and then peaced out, disappearing into the night.

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