Parker Posey's "Emmy Speech Master Class" + the First Pizza in Space = Eight Items or Less

Alexis Swerdoff & Gary Pini

1. Please take a moment from your hectic Tuesday and watch Parker Posey give an "Emmy Speech Master Class." It is a piece of true genius: "Pitch another show!"

2. Two young women are suing party promoters "Unicorn Meat NYC" who hosted a "Bubble Kingdom" party in Sunset Park. The party's black-light-reflective waterfall apparently contained toxic chemicals, which got in their eyes, causing permanent damages. [via New York Post]

First Pizza in Space! from Cili on Vimeo.

3. Behold, the first pizza in space. [via Vimeo]

4. Watch The Wire actor, Idris Elba, who also happens to be a "life long raver," narrate a documentary (which he also executive produced) about British club culture, called How Clubbing Changed the World. [via Giant Step]

5. Why, hello there sleek new Barclays Center Subway station entrance. [via Gothamist]

6. For the first time in six years, the cast of Malcolm in the Middle have been reunited. They look.... exactly the same. [via BuzzFeed]

7. On Sept. 22nd, show up at these East Village and Lower East Side spots on your bicycle -- and get a discount! [via Bowery Boogie]

8. From now on, we will refuse to refer to Mitt Romney as anything other than Money Boo Boo.

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