Paris Hilton's Bad Hair Day

Oh, the ups and downs of being a media plaything. Watching the Paris Hilton story play out gives me the willies. If nothing else this girl will not go away. Every time we seem ready to consign her to the dustbin of history, she manages to come back stronger than ever. What begins as a minor infraction that gets most people a slap on the wrist ends up a major media story covered around the world. As the London Times reports:

News channels abandoned all coverage of the G8 summit, before reluctantly tearing themselves away from the live coverage of Hilton’s front door to report, briefly, that America’s top general had resigned. And now back to the “breaking news” on Paris Hilton, where an excited TV reporter was pointing out the expensive homes of nearby celebrities such as Rod Stewart and Britney Spears, adding: “Some of the houses date back to the 1920s!

Since you asked... I think it's reprehensible that the justice system lets itself be manipulated this way. Maybe they made a mistake in releasing her at first, but it was done. Is it fair to then bring her back to jail? I think not.

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