Paris Hilton + Kathy Hilton Chat With Us About Clothes and Going to Taco Bell

J. Everette Perry
Kathy Hilton hosted a viewing party Wednesday night for her new dress line at her Bel Air estate. Hilton's daughters, Paris and Nicky, were on hand as was her husband, Richard. It's not hard to see the inspiration for Kathy's frothy, beachy designs: the Hilton home looks like a cross between a seascape -- with ocean-blue hues and seashells everywhere -- and the inside of a porcelain jewel box, with mirrored walls and baroque flourishes. Indeed, Hilton says everything in the house, from the art on the walls (in this case Murakami), to the checkered marble floors inspire her as a designer. Below, we chat with Kathy and Paris about clothes, dresses, and Taco Bell. 

Kathy, how involved are you in the design process?  

KH: I am a total control freak. I'm not one of those designers who just slaps their name on a label and really has nothing else to do with it. I'll doodle designs, pick fabrics and make sure the tailoring is perfect. Not too tight and that it drapes perfectly, where it's supposed to.

What inspires your designs?

KH: Architecture, travel and art.  I have a piece in my front foyer from Rachel Hovnanian that is a Beauty Queen Vending Machine and there are only two in the world.  I'm lucky to have one.

Where are you favorite places to travel?

KH: I love South Hampton, Paris, Montecito, Palm Beach and Palm Springs.  I remember driving out to the desert once a month from LA when I was a little girl.  Halfway there we would stop at Taco Bell or some fast food place and I'd be asking the entire way, 'Are we there yet?'

Besides your daughters, which celebrity would you like to see wearing your dresses?
KH: Wow, that's tough, but I love Reese Witherspoon.  She is so cute.  

Paris, what do you think of your mom's dresses?
PH: I love them so much. They're just really beautiful and you can wear them to any occasion. And they're a great price.

You're having a lot of success as a designer yourself. How's your line going?
PH: I just came back from Shanghai where I opened my 55th Paris Hilton Store and it was a huge success. We have them in over 35 countries now.

Do you have a favorite Paris Hilton Store location?

PH: Dubai by far. It's hot. It's an entirely different world but it's so fun and exciting. The women were totally covered up.

I hear you've been designing sunglasses too. Is there a pair from the new line that you like particularly?

PH: I do -- they're a black pair from the new ad campaign with the silver cheetah on the side. They make me feel sleek.

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