PAPERMAG's Crashin' Fashion Week With Steve Madden!


New York Fashion Week officially kicks off today and we're super excited to be back partnering with Steve Madden for Crashin' Fashion Week, just like we did in September, Stay tuned this week for tons of runway recaps, backstage photos, videos, Q&As with front-row movers and shakers and designers and, of course, tons of posts from our beloved editorial director and official NYFW spokesmodel, Mr. Mickey. Be sure to like Steve Madden's Facebook Fan page to win daily prizes, shoes for a year and a fancy, "VIP NY Fashion Week experience." Check out the clip above to find out more (and why Mickey's wearing a fake mustache) and let the Fashion Week games begin!

P.S. Here's Mickey and Steve's Taxi TV promo airing all of New York Fashion Week in a cab near you. Check it out. 

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