PAPERMAG Premieres Club Chrissie Featuring Pharrell Williams

We've been waiting for Pharrell to step inside Club Chrissie since we first watched the web series' teaser (after all his i am OTHER YouTube channel hosts the show), and finally the multi-multi-hyphenated man dropped by to jazz up some ear buds. Chrissie teaches the producer-singer-rapper-designer how to use embroidery thread (or, as we remember it, "friendship bracelet string") to wrap headphone wires and create fun, rasta-themed or rainbow-colored speakers that don't get tangled in your bag. In the midst of all this, the two talk about Lauryn Hill's involvement in selecting the name i am OTHER, geek out over A&E's Duck Dynasty and share some real special, double entendre-filled moments that mostly revolve around Chrissie's wire-wrapping technique. Watch the episode above.

Club Chrissie Featuring Leah Dell
Club Chrissie Featuring Maxine Ashley
Club Chrissie Featuring Mr. Mickey and Susan Miller

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