PAPERMAG Picks Its Top Fall Fashion Ad Campaigns

Alyssa Vingan

While I should be pinching pennies so that I might be able to afford one of the shearling jackets that I'm currently drooling over, I will most likely spend a hefty chunk of change on a stack of September issue fashion magazines in the coming weeks. And as exciting as the promises of epic editorials and cover-star interviews are, let's not kid ourselves; we all know what makes up the bulk of these pages: advertisements. Luckily, a good number of these fashion ads are as highly produced as the editorials they're placed next to, with legendary photographers and the most in-demand models. Although it can be a pain to flip through fifty advertisements before you can reach that interview you're dying to read, there are quite a few of them that you should be sure to pause over and admire their beauty. Without further ado, here are PAPERMAG's top Fall 2010 ad campaigns.

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