PAPER & Svedka Take Mr. Black on the Road

J. Everette Perry

Starting late last month, Svedka vodka and PAPER packed up New York party Mr. Black and took it on a "2033"-themed party across the U.S. The futuristic fete kicked off in NY, picked up steam in Chicago, and last night we caught up with it in San Francisco at Folsom Street's Paradise Lounge. As you can tell by our photos above, the cyborgs and fembots were fully charged and ready to party the night away. The open Svedka bar served visionary cocktails like Dirty-bots and Bot-ums to all the futurezoids, while DJ Sammy Jo and The Honey Soundsystem provided beats that made everyone's moon boots defy gravity. The trippy soiree draws to a close tonight in L.A., where Mr. Black has found a permanent home every Tuesday at Hollywood's Bardot

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