Panda Bear's New "Mr. Noah" Video Is One Big Groundhog Day-In-the-Life

by Gary Pini

Panda Bear, aka Animal Collective's Noah Lennox, released a new EP yesterday along with this video for "Mr. Noah" -- and it's a trip. Starring a dog named Boycie, the clip is a spinning, twisting Groundhog Day-in-the-life of a tenement courtyard and a buildings' freaky dwellers. They move in and out, up and down and seem to be going nowhere while you'll be reaching for the Dramamine. Near the end, an angry girlfriend tosses her BF's possessions out the window and the stuff gets picked over by everybody but Boycie. It was shot by the award winning French trio AB/CD/CD -- those are their initials -- who have shot clips for Lily Allen, Uffie etc. and fashion shoots for Opening Ceremony.

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