Pamela Love Has a New Jewelry Collection Made from Recycled Guns

by Abby Schreiber
Bullet talon cuff

This season, cult-favorite jewelry designer Pamela Love has teamed up with Liberty United, an organization that recycles illegal guns and bullets and turns them into jewelry and art pieces stamped with the serial number of the original weapon from which they came. Love says that her designs -- which include her signature talon cuff, a cage cuff, and aeternum cuffs, necklaces and rings -- were selected, in part, because she "felt they would look beautiful with a serial number on them," the designer says. "I picked the heart [or aeternum] pieces because I thought there was something beautiful about the heart with numbers on it and we picked the cage cuff because it had a lot of surface area so not only could we incorporate a lot of serial numbers but we could also inlay materials." Proceeds from the pieces, which range in price from $175-$1,545, go to fund programs that work to reduce gun violence in the U.S.

You can shop the collection HERE.

Bullet aeternum pendant necklace

Bullet aeternum cuff

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