Page From Bret Easton Ellis' Yeezus Screenplay Leaks

by Abby Schreiber
Big h/t to our friends over at SlamxHype for acquiring a leaked photo of a page from Bret Easton Ellis' screenplay for a Yeezus movie. The photo, which has annotations allegedly written by Kanye himself (Liam Neeson as Jesus? Hell yes.), shows that the script seems to mirror a scene straight out of the rapper's just-finished Yeezus tour in which Kanye meets the Messiah on a mountain. We have no idea what the odds are that this film will actually see the light of day but, in the meantime, let's start imagining who will play Kanye.*

Update: We've been told this is -- unsurprisingly -- a fake. But let's hope it sets something real in motion.

*Trick question -- Kanye will play Kanye, of course.

[via SlamxHype]

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