Our Top 10 Highlights From Election Night


We polled the editorial department for their highlights from last night's election coverage. Answers below!

Mr. Mickey: The Most Fuckable Presidential Historian was Michael Beschloss on PBS. Not that there's much competition for that title.

Elizabeth Thompson: Somebody got hipster glasses alert! Tom Brokaw will be spotted brunching at Five Leaves, worrying aloud about having to 'really get serious' about his life and stop borrowing money from his parents when he turns 75, in 3...2...1

Abby Schreiber: When Obama referred to Joe Biden as 'America's happy warrior' during his victory speech. The name originates from a Wordsworth poem, echoes back to F.D.R.'s endorsement of Alferd E. Smith in 1924, and, as this Atlantic piece points out, was also used by Jim Messina to describe Biden's laughter-filled debate performance. (Obama has also used the phrase to describe Ted Kennedy.) Perhaps 'happy warrior' is the more flattering, respectful way for us to envision Biden, than, say, his prevailing persona as America's good-time drunk uncle who loves his biker babes and soft serve. But most of us are probably pretty OK with that version of Biden being our V.P., too.

Jonah Wolf: I'm among many who fav'ed this silly Prince parody tweet. 

David Hershkovits: When ABC said 22-year-olds were running around screaming at Obama headquarters as a sign that Obama's people were expecting a win.

Alexis Swerdloff: When Karl Rove had his little on-air meltdown and would not budge on calling Ohio for Obama. Finally, Megyn Kelly of FOX News was sort of ordered by Bret Baier to get up from her desk and very awkwardly walk down an empty hallway to the number-crunchers room and inquire as to why they had called Ohio. It was such. weird. TV.

Elizabeth Thompson: Diane Sawyer. Judging by her loopy performance on ABC last night, Sawyer was either drunk, on meds or just deliriously tired. (Judging by the '' think balloon floating over co-anchor George Stephanopoulos' frozen mug through out the night, I'd go with the first option.) And. P.S. Diane saw every mean thing you wrote about her on Twitter and gives zero Fs.

Mr. Mickey: I hated Candy Crowley's hair. It felt like some network higher-up demanded she get a bad makeover. A lot of curling irons were used. (That evil automaton from Fox News also had badly curled hair.) Dana Bash and the girl who yells on CNN also had very bad hair and were very fraternal twinsy and annoying.

Alex Bedder: "Flaghead" lady, the woman seated behind Obama during his speech who had a flag sticking out of her hair, was a trending topic on Twitter in about two seconds.

Elizabeth Thompson: Brian Williams schooling Donald Trump  like the human turd that he is was so, so great. I also liked that Williams used last night to really roll out his impressive,  boring knowledge of state nicknames! Who knew that Connecticut was 'the Nutmeg State?' Brian Williams knew.

Bonus highlight: Best-looking First Family in the game.

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