On Repeat: De Lux's "It All Works All the Time" Is the Jam

by Gary Pini

L.A. band De Lux have a knack for catchy, danceable tacks and make it all seem effortless and fun.  Yes, you can say they sound like Talking Heads -- and lots of other band's for that matter -- but what's so bad about that?  And they're on the coolest new record label, Innovative Leisure, that seems to have come out of nowhere and sucked up all the hot new bands. The duo of Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco release their debut album, Voyage, tomorrow, April 8 and they're playing at The Echo in L.A. on Thursday, April 10th.  Please call us when you come to New York. You can sleep on our couch.  Oh, almost forget to mention this new video for "It All Works All the Time": It's a cartoon filled with sex, drugs and violence, but the dude gets fried in the end.

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