On Not Demonizing Palin

The shootings in Arizona have once again stirred up a politically dormant America. Even my normally sybaritic Facebook friends have been moved to comment about our country's sorry state of affairs. Much of their vitriol has been directed at Sarah Palin, the poster girl of the Tea Party whose ratcheted cross-hair rhetoric is being held accountable for emboldening the similarly-minded to bear arms against those who disagree with them.

As President Obama spoke from the heart in his eulogy for the victims of the Arizona massacre yesterday evening, Palin issued a video statement that portrayed herself as the victim of the narcissistic storyline, claiming to have been "blood libeled" by those looking to blame her for laying the foundation for the hateful murders. (Blood libel is a term dating back to medieval times that alludes to Jesus and the Jews who killed him. It's been used as an excuse to kill Jews ever since.) That she's despicable and polarizing goes without saying, but what concerns me here is the process of demonizing Palin as the be-all,end-all of the right-wing agenda.

Being the sociopath that she is, Palin is brilliant at deflecting criticism and turning it to her advantage. Each additional exercise in Palin-bashing only results in her getting stronger, the media liking nothing more than to pit people against each other. (The core of reality TV's success.) And what better story line than an educated black President v. the striking white MILF who wants to dethrone him.

So those asking me to join you in petitioning Mark Zuckerberg to have Palin removed from Facebook on the ground that she is a cyber bully whose getting away with making comments that would get other banned, I hope you'll understand. It's not that I disagree with you, it's that I think the less attention she gets, the weaker she'll be. Without the media to prop her up, she'll fall like that proverbial tree in the forest that no one can hear.

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