Oliver Stone's Powerful Platoon On Blu-ray

Platoon, Oliver Stone's personal and powerful movie about the Vietnam War (20th Century Fox) and winner of four Academy Awards including best picture, is now on Blu-ray. I was on the set in the Philippines in 1986 when they were shooting this, working for Willem Dafoe (who starred as the beatific Sgt. Elias) taking care of his son Jack. This was right at the time Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted and there are plenty of chaos in the country. Stone was passionate and driven about telling this very personal vision of the nightmare of war with a limited budget and was very likable. (He was shocked that I'd seen and liked a 1974 horror movie he directed called Seizure.) He assembled a great team including the terrific cinematographer Bob Richardson, an amazing military adviser named Captain Dale Dye, and a sensational young cast including Charlie Sheen in the lead, Tom Berenger as the facially scarred Sgt. Barnes, Forrest Whitaker, Johnny Depp, Tony Todd, Keith David, Kevin Dillon among others who were all committed to Stone's vision. Here is photo of Dafoe and I on the set. 

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