Okay Britney, We Kind of Love Your New Music Video

by Max Kessler

We still stick by what we said about Britney's new song "Work Bitch" being bad: the beat is still hellish, the British faux-accent is still present, and we still would prefer it to be sung by Cazwell. BUT. Holy shit, the video for it is ridiculous. The plot synopsis is as follows: Britney is some sort of dominatrix type who spends her time dancing/writhing in more glittery versions of her outfits from 2001 while being surrounded by sharks and whipping her adoring sex slaves into shape. This is all set to a backdrop of obvious sponsorships from Beats by Dre and Planet Hollywood (because of course). The vibe is Priscilla Queen of the Desert-meets-the Spice Girl's "Say You'll Be There"-meets-Dr. Evil's bachelor pad and shark tank by way of Miami. It's just about the perfect mish-mosh of girly and gay cultural debris, and Britney, by the way, is looking great. Welcome back, old friend.

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