Oddball Noirish Thriller The Girl In Black Stockings On DVD

Part of their recent Twentieth Century Fox movies-on-demand line of DVDs is The Girl In Black Stockings (MGM). This rare 1957 cult mystery about the stabbing death of a well-known party girl and the decadent rich suspects at a Utah resort. ("Somebody got nervous with a knife..." a private eye quips). Is it the bitter wheelchair-bound cripple Edmund (Ron Randell)? Or his dutiful companion, Julia (the always fabulous Marie Windsor)? There's pretty young Beth (a very young Anne Bancroft) and her L.A. lawyer boyfriend David (Lex Barker). Then there's the sexpot Harriet (Mamie Van Doren) hanging around the has-been actor Norman Grant (John Holland). These are just a few of the shady suspects in this oddball noirish thriller directed by Howard W. Koch. Be on the lookout for all of the great bits of florid dialogue in the film, including: "I'd like to get so drunk that I'd look in a mirror and spit in my own face!" A must-see.

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