NYC Nightlife Stars Get "Cunt"-y In New Hercules & Love Affair Video

by Justin Moran

"'Cunt' is basically like the highest compliment you could get -- if you're 'Cunt,' you're the shit," explains rapper Cakes Da Killa in Hercules & Love Affair's music video for the pulsing electronic track, "My Offence." The video, which is more of a mini-doc directed by Matt Lambert, profiles the re-appropriation of the word within the gay community. Although it was once "the sharpest, derogatory term you could use against a woman," DJ Juliana Huxtable explains, the word has grown into a source of empowerment. Someone who's "Cunt," is "somebody who's confident with their femininity, someone who's confident with their craft of being a Faggot," says performer Robot Moon Juice. Check out the amazing clip above for a slew of cameos by NYC nightlife stars like Contessa Stuto, Jocelyn Saldana, Bailey Stiles and Richard Kennedy.

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