NYC is Getting an Alamo Drafthouse + "The Skipper" = Eight Items Or Less

1.Woo, New York City's getting an Alamo Draft House! The drinks-and-dinner boutique movie theater chain will be located on the Upper West Side. [SlashFilm]

2. Korean artist Do Ho Suh recreated his New York City apartment bathroom out of translucent nylon. [Animal New York]

3. Are these Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's signed copies of Modelland by Tyra Banks at NYC's Housing Works Bookstore? [Gawker]

4. The Hunger Games parody, The Hipster Games, is a thing. [Laist]

5.  Peanut butter & jelly vodka OR why so many people only drink whiskey. [Laughing Squid]

6. Look at this amazing sculpture-cum-optical illusion in New Zealand that looks like a piece of paper blowing away in the wind. [Laughing Squid via Sweet Station]

7. Did the label Maje name a dress after Will Ferrell's character, Mugatu, from Zoolander? [Fashionista]

8. Watch an excellent video from the 80s of The Skipper or The Man Who Wanted Everybody in America to Skip.  All. Day. Every. Day. [Death + Taxes]

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