NY Times Sells Obama Mugs

Carol Lee

I'm a sucker for larger-than-life historical moments... and who among us isn't really. The New York Times' column-sweeping headlines in oversized fonts make my heart swell up and unleash the grandma in me. Though I'm an electronic news baby, I have to run out and get a copy for keep's sake -- I got the Election (11/5) and Inauguration (1/21) copies and now they're collecting dust in my bedroom along with other Obama-covered Time, People, Amsterdam News, etc. So naturally, I was elated yesterday when I saw these commemorative mugs on nytimes.com with the front page news splashed over them. I think I'm gonna have to get these! They're $24.95 for a set of two and will be available on Feburary 13, a day before Valentine's Day and the day Fashion Week begins. You too can get them here!

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