Nothing Tragic About Tragic Ceremony!

A truly rare Gothic Italian chiller from the director of The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock -- Riccardo Freda is out on Dark Sky Films called Tragic Ceremony, and it's a groovy and gory gas. Four hipsters out boating run out of fuel and later on their dune buggy, and are forced to spend the night at the mysterious Villa Alexander. Unfortunately for them, the same night the Lord (Luigi Pistilli) and Lady (Luciana Paluzzi) are conducting a satanic black mass. They try to lure one of the kids (Camille Keaton of I Spit On Your Grave fame) and use her for a sacrifice, but things go horribly awry and end in a Manson-like massacre.

The kids escape but through the night are supernaturally hunted down one by one. At least I think that's what it's about... It's baroque and bizarre but beautifully shot, and the murder scene is repeated endlessly (with heads being split in half etc.) so it's a lot of fun to watch even if you throw logic out the window. The European title of this 1972 film is From The Secret Police Files of a European Capital. There's also a wonderful short recent interview with actress Camille Keaton who talks about the films she made in Europe and it's fascinating and candid. Another great unearthing from Dark Sky!

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