Nothing This Halloween Can Be Scarier Than These Fires!

I meant to begin a run of Halloween-themed posts ('tis the season after all) but as these horrible fires rage on and on and on I can't begin to think of anything scarier than losing your home (and everything you own and GOD FORBID your pets) to one of these firestorms. The nightmare stories keep pouring in and the photos of the thousands of homes destroyed are just heartbreaking. All of Los Angeles is covered by a thick blanket of smoke. Everything is cast in a deep amber, which, I'm almost embarrassed to say, is freakishly beautiful. The whole scene is very apocalyptic (which seems to becoming the norm here in SoCal). We're told to stay in and not breathe the air. Scary. And not in the fun Halloween kind of way. Hopefully the winds will die down soon, the fires won't spread too much more and the many animals who have been left behind survive! Bravo to all the brave firefighters battling this inferno! The photo below shows just what they are up against (image submitted by Trevor Lillis to the L.A. Times Your Scene site.)

Photos from the L.A. Times

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