Nikki Sixx Sells House (And We Know Why!)

Well, if weren't for the avalanche of comments on our last Nikki Sixx post (the first of many we fear) we wouldn't know exactly WHY the Motley Crue bassist was selling his newly renovated Spanish-style villa in Agoura Hills or WHY he was splitting with his Baywatch babe (and former Playboy Playmate!) wife Donna. We didn't even know he had a wife named Donna when we learned of his new "partnership" with St. John babe Kelly Gray! But thanks to the hardcore Nikki Sixx fans out there (we didn't  know they existed either) we're imagining all sorts of sordid soap opera a hard-drivin', hairspray-scented metal rock beat! Is this "Dynasty" meets "The Surreal Life" meets "The Osbournes"? I dunno. But now I find myself perking up everytime I see Nikki Sixx in the news! (If you can call the LA Times Real Estate column "Hot Property" news ---and plenty out here do!)

From Sunday's L.A. Times:

During the last four or five years, D'Errico orchestrated an updating of the 6,000-plus-square-foot house on 40 acres. Remodeling the 1982 house included a complete overhaul of the kitchen. No that they've finally finished refurbishing their Agoura Hills home of eight years, and now they've put it on the market at close to $3 million.

Between renovation projects, the actress, 38, and her 48-year-old, spiky-haired, glam-rock husband busied themselves in their careers. Then in April, after nine years of marriage, she filed for divorce.

There is one bright spot: The house looks better than ever. It is one of those ironies in life.


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