Last night, rapper Brooke Candy threw one of the hottest parties of New York Fashion Week with fashion brand Kaimin, attracting guests like Charli XCX, SoKo, and PAPER's own eyes for the fiesta, Niia. The rising artist, voice behind the sleek and sparse album I, took photos at the celebration for us, capturing everything from Brooke's energetic performance and the fabulous guests to Kaimin's backstage madness and her own glam sessions as she transformed into a New Orleans-inspired showgirl. All in all, it seemed like an utterly amazing night, and you don't have to be envious that the mailman lost your invitation. Click through Niia's exclusive photo diary from the party below, and listen to her new single, "Nobody."

Bella Bambina


Death becomes her

Room service

No pressure no diamond

Baby girl

Boop boop be do



Cool hair

Safety pin head

All tied up

Bedtime stories

"At the edge of madness you howl diamonds and pearls."

Rope burn

Jon Benet

Pleasure and pain

Thigh high

Tie me up


Charli XCX & Soko

Hotel heat

Brooke Candy ink


I love a braid

Little Hoe Peep

Brooke performing like a dream

Wild Thoughts

A guest posing for his close-up

I got a little smile out of him.

Up late

Sitting pretty

Coat check

Calm again

Selfie for you…

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