Nightlife Terror Tactics

With Mayor Bloomberg's announcement of the terrorist threat to New York's transportation system, the city has gone into its "they can't stop us" mode. Of course, that means that those who can afford alternative travel will use it. Those that can't will continue to take their chances. Economics means everything in these situations. As recently as last night, people were reporting a scarcity of available cabs due to fear of riding the subways. The Jewish High Holy Day of Yom Kippur arrives on Thursday and the media will be whipping up a frenzy at least till then. Williamsburg nightlife entrepreneurs, always looking for an angle to help them promote their events,  have seized upon the paranoia (see flyer) for a party at Savalas (285 Bedford (b/w Grand & S. 1st.) called  ZERO TRANSPORTATION, featuring guest DJ Vito from The Rapture.


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