Nicolas Cage as Disney Princesses = Magic

by Elizabeth Thompson

Buzzfeed's Jen Lewis has illustrated Nicolas Cage as various Disney princesses and it's glorious. See all GIFs here.

I love you, Elizabeth Williams, whoever you are. [FYouNoFMe]

Just FYI, Minneapolis native Vincent Kartheiser is playing Mr. Darcy in a local production of Pride and Prejudice. [StarTribune]

This lizard has a tiny, damn fine El Camino on cinderblocks parked behind those leaves that he secretly works on at night while listening to CCR. [TheClearlyDope]

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey asks New Yorkers what they think of Matt Harvey. [LateNightWithJimmyFallon]

Jonsey the boxer finally gets to meet the cows he likes to bark at from the car. Confusion/fascination abounds. [TastefullyOffensive]

Tiny Bryan Cranston, 1963. [GQ]

Pelicans are the worst. [LaughterKey]

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