Nick Waplington's "Long Way Back To Nowhere: New Works From the Holyland" -- A Preview

"In the West Bank every inch of land is known, recorded and potentially a source of conflict. The landscape is varied across this region, from the mountains to the Dead Sea Valley. As rainstorms come in from the Mediterranean, within minutes the light and atmosphere can change, projecting a fascinating array of shifting colours onto the terrain. It was important for me to discuss not just the political but the aesthetic beauty of this land" -- Nick Waplington, 2011

In 2007, British artist Nick Waplington, a longtime F.O.P. ("Friend of PAPER" -- he's been contributing to the magazine for years), cut ties with the Art World, and moved to Israel. He now calls the West Bank home, and for his first show in his native London in five years, "Long Way Back To Nowhere: New Works From the Holyland," Waplington presents a motley assortment of pieces representing his time living there: Jewish water heaters which he took to a Palestinian workshop to have spray-painted, "faux-native" portraits, a re-foodled West Bank sign and abstract oil paintings representing the Palestinian landscape. The show opens tonight in London at See Studio, and the folks there were kind enough to send some images to us across the pond.

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