Nick & Knight Bring the '90s Back In a Way You Weren't Sure You Wanted

by Mally Espaillat + Elizabeth Thompson

Have you been thinking lately that what you're really missing from your iPod is a thirty to forty-something year-old version of Justin Bieber with silky falsettos that don't quit? Because Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter and NKOTB's Jordan Knight have time-traveled from 1999 to fill that void as Nick & Knight with their single "One More Time." The song has poppy summer anthem written all over it, but we're having a hard time focusing on the music, when there are bigger questions at hand: Like, mostly, what were the expectations going into this project? How much money will be made? Is this a just-for-fun type thing? Where does MTV hold Spring Break these days? Why was everyone dressed for winter in the "Give it to You" video, even though it's seemingly spring or summer out? What happened to Nick Carter's eyebrows and facial hair in this promo photo? Send help!

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