Nobody should enter a screening of A Star Is Born without expecting to feel some things. But despite this being the film's fourth remake, not everybody is prepared for just how raw that ending is. Which is why New Zealand has added a mental health warning to screenings of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's probable Oscar winner, as The Guardian reports.

Following viewer complaints, the New Zealand film classification board has required that the film screen with a suicide warning — two teenagers reported being triggered by the content of its final scenes. A mental health organization also complained to the commission.

"Many people in New Zealand have been impacted by suicide," head of the New Zealand film classification board David Shanks told The Guardian. "For those who have lost someone close to them, a warning gives them a chance to make an informed choice about watching."

In the United States, A Star Is Born has a restricted R rating. In New Zealand viewing is unrestricted, but recommended for viewers over the age of 16 only.

If you're worried about seeing the entire movie, don't worry. The trailer alone is one of the greatest of all time, and is almost guaranteed to have a positive affect on mental health:

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