New York City Still Kooky After All These Years!

I'm happy to report my trip to NYC included one of those old-fashioned blow-out parties like the kind they used to throw in the '80s. With Johnny Dynell spnning the platters! (Except this time we were stone cold sober. Therefore we had to leave early. If you're not drinking, druggin' or hookin' up there's just so much standing around you can do -- even if there's plenty of eye candy in the room). Thankfully other participants weren't so staid. At Susanne Bartsch and David Barton's Toy Drive soirée last week the fun and the fabulous donned their gay (and gay-friendly) apparel and shook their collective groove thing until the wee hours. In photo at right is the always bubbly Dirty Martini with one of the Barton go-go dancers. As you can see, a good time was had by all... even if the place turned into a Great White-sized fire trap. First thing to ignite would have been all the make-up. Or Janice Dickinson's lips.

Thank you David Barton and Susanne Bartsch for preserving something of the old wacked-out and wicked NYC. But GOOD GOD that Meatpacking District is more swank than Fifth Avenue! Who the hell would've thunk it back in the nefarious days of yore? (Can't someone feisty and/or performance arty throw a few bricks into those boutique windows?)

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