New SNL Member Sasheer Zamata Takes You On a Girls Walking Tour

by Elizabeth Thompson

Much like the Knockout Game or the bar that's going into Williamsburg's forthcoming Urban Outfitters, Greenpoint's Girls walking tour is either a real Broooklyn thing that exists or very much not a real Brooklyn thing that exists. Regardless, Above Average's new Dream Jobs web series (written by Paper contributing editor Alex Scordelis and Celeste Ballard) shows us what a Girls walking tour would likely entail, and it feels hilariously, depressingly on point. Meet Madison, played by brand new SNL cast member Sasheer Zamata, a Girls tour guide who majored in "Dunham theory" at Oberlin and has a permanent heart murmur from the time she spotted Lena Dunham crossing Bedford Avenue. Watch as Madison takes you to Cafe Grumpy, shows you some garbage cans, brick walls and other illustrious Greenpoint sights that Hannah Horvath and co. vaguely/kind of/sort of have something to do with.

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