New Red Carpet Looks At Caro's Simply Stylist

J. Everette Perry

Academy Award shopping came early to L.A. this season thanks to Caro Marketing's Simply Stylist event last night. Caro invited celebrity stylists and fashion editors to Siren Studios to check out red carpet ensembles and accessories -- naturally, it was packed. Among the crowd I saw style maven Britt Bardot (who dresses Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz) and fashion vixen Jeanne Yang (who dresses Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise).

Also spotted: Selena Gomez's and Audrina Patridge's stylist beelining to a corner of the studio where designers Oday Shakar, Mike Vensel, Ronald Abdala, and the Lebanese designer Ashi were showing of creations.

I chatted with trendsetters about their favorite movie and what celeb they would love to dress. Their responses after the jump!

Who he'd love to work with: "I would love to design Shakira's Grammy gown."
Favorite movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's is effortless in its elegance."

JEANNE YANG (who was decked out in Cartier and Hermes)
Who she'd love to work with: "I would love to work with Annie Leibovitz. She's a living legend and has created some of the most iconic images of our time."
Favorite movie: "Empire of the Sun videos are so inspirational."

Who he'd love to work with: "I want to see Charlize Theron in my dresses. She really has a great sense of style.
Favorite movie: El Topo is a beautiful film where Alejandro Jodorowsky spends two hours indulging his own interest."

Who he'd love to work with: "Cate Blanchett is elegant and has that proper English thing down to a tee."
Favorite movie: "My Fair Lady, with those full dresses."

Who he'd love to work with: "I'm doing a painting right now for Bill Clinton and I've already done stuff for other celebrities."
Favorite Movie: "A movie I love is Bottle Rocket . Owen Wilson just deludes and convinces himself that his reality is something that it's not. We all need to do that more often."

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