NERVO Tour Diary, Part III: "God I LOVE Our Job!!!!!"

Miriam and Olivia Nervo
Hot blonde Australian twin sister DJs? Yes please. NERVO, aka Miriam (Mim) and Olivia (Liv) Nervo, got their start as songwriters (for the likes David Guetta, Ke$ha, Kelly Rowland and Kylie Minogue) and are now making a name for themselves on the DJ circuit, playing major fests like the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival, and currently opening for Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj on their summer "Femme Fatale" tour. We're excited that they're guest-blogging for us from the road.

Monday, July 18th: Nashville, Femme Fatale + club gig
Up late last night trying to finish this remix we're doing so we sleep in until around 11 a.m. Nearly eight hours of sleep but have to get up to check into a new hotel and prepare for the busy day ahead.
We have a conference call with Nick from Astralwerks and creatives about a lyric video for "We're All No One." Sounds good to me!
We then have another conference call with Nick and Danny about filming opportunities/video concept. It was the first time we spoke to Danny and he seemed awesome. Totally on point with our vision and super enthusiastic to get some people filming us for the up coming gigs we're playing.
So, in a nutshell, we have come up with a video concept that we love for our first single but the label is telling us it's too expensive to make, so, not one to give up, we are pulling in every favor we can from everyone we know in the film/video business to see if we can make it work. There are some festival shots that we need and Afrojack, Steve Aoki and us are all playing at a festival in Belgium next week so this could be the perfect shooting opportunity... Or, while we're on the ID Tour together. Either way, both the boys (Afrojack and Steve Aoki) have agreed to being filmed for it so we're trying to get this rolling within the label. Our conference call with Nick and Danny was vital for brainstorming and sharing our ideas, and as a result it looks like we might be getting there :)) fingers crossed!!!
At around 6, we're starving. Haven't eaten yet cause of all the calls and emails so head to catering. Britney comes in and eats with everyone today. I was lining up next to her at the salad bar and told her I loved the show. She smiled and politely said 'aw thanks.' We carried on getting some food and I left catering thinking how hectic her life must be. Everyone wanting to talk to you all the time. She handles it so well, always with a smile.
At 7 we play our Britney gig. Crowd were amazing! Love you, Nashville!
We have a club gig tonight. We turn up to the club and could literally count 10 people standing at the bar... :// Then, a few people tap us on the shoulder and said they'd like a photo with us. They had traveled four hours to come see us play. Super chuffed!  Turns out they saw us play on The Facelift Tour with Paul Oakenfold and Chuckie back in November last year. Awww bless!!! Of course we took a few photos, had a chat, sorted them some drinks, and then went to the booth to check the set up. 2 x cdj 1000s. Not ideal and definitely not our rig (we work off SD cards and Serato so need at least 3 CDJs and they have to be the new model 2000 pioneers to read our SD cards). Oh well, looks like we're playing off Serato tonight as we have no other way of getting to our music. Without even noticing, the club fills us and literally EVERYONE in the room were jumping around, arms up, going crazy.  We played for about two and a half hours and were bombarded with people at the end to get photos. WOW!! What a privilege! Did they really come to see us?? I wasn't sure if they did or didn't but a few did and the ones that didn't had a great time ! God I LOVE our job!!!!!
Oh, I forgot to mention, Jessie, Sarah and Brian came to the gig too so we all jumped in the limo and went back to the Sheraton, had quick showers, and went back to the tour bus which was waiting for us at the stadium. The stadium had been packed away already -- kinda eery to see it like that actually.
Ken was back at the bus booking flights and working. He does work hard -!!
We were all so pumped by the gig and excited about our day off tomorrow so got to bed around 3:45 to the sound of the tour bus engine. Peace out!

Tuesday, July 19th: Panama Beach, day off/in transit

So today is a scheduled day off. Hmmm... But we have soooooo much to do/prepare for!! Good news is I get to sleep until my body says wake up. Bad news is, I woke up to a vibrating Blackberry. The label... Better wake up and see what's up.
So good news is we're getting NERVO merch!! Yay!! Annoying news is, it all takes a lot longer than what we would like. If we want something for IDfestival (next month) then we don't have time to jump into the design process. Doesn't bother me too much as I like the old design that our A & R had made up for promo anyway but we have had quite a few fans reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter asking for T-shirts so we have begged our label to get to it. They have their processes that we have to follow but it looks like it's coming together. Working on it.
Nick from the label is going on holiday at the end of the week so needs us to check out a lyric video concept that his people are putting together. They're the same guys who did the lyric videos for David Guetta so I'm sure they're going to be great.
So, calls calls calls, emails emails emails, and it's now 6 p.m. We haven't eaten yet. The rest of the bus crew are down by the beach jet skiing. We are starving so jump in the shower and head out to the beach. On the way to the beach we run into our bus crew at a fast food burger joint. Ha! Busted! We plan to meet later for some dinner, they head to the hotel to get showered and we head to the beach to have a walk along the beach. Decompress.
It's now dark and we're hungry again so we find a local Mexican restaurant for tacos, nachos and burritos. We get back to the hotel room, pack, and make bus call for 12:30 a.m.
12:30 bus call. We all have to be on the bus and ready to leave. Have a stop at Walmart in 20 mins. Yay ! 
It's about 1:30 a.m. and we get to bed.

Wednesday, July 20th: Orlando Britney Gig + Vantage club gig

Carefully set alarm for 11 a.m. We try and sleep 7-8 hours/night. Sat in my bottom bunk and read through the emails for the next 30 minutes. I heard Mim wake up in the bunk above me to a phone call from our manager. So after that we spent the next 40 or so minutes going through the emails that came in from London/Europe... All really exciting stuff but boy does it eat into your day dealing with lawyers, accountants, managers of other artists, other artists, producers, agents, marketing peeps at the label, publicity peeps at the label, media peeps at the label, our A & R, remixes for our upcoming single, the list goes on and on (and on and on)...  and then we need to write the music.
Sarah (Jessie and the Toy Boy's stylist) is up rummaging through some drawrs to find something for either Jessie or her Toy Boys... Sarah's a sweetheart. So full of energy and really cares about her job.
Jessie's up and has had her make up done already (by Carol who is also sharing our bus). Jessie and her manager (Brian) are on their way to a radio station to do some promo for the Femme Fatale Tour.
Mim and I gather our stuff for the day which is kept under the bus... Fresh clothes, toiletries (for a shower at the venue), all our DJ equipment, our laptops cause the emails keep coming, and head over to find our changing room. Today we're sharing with Jessie, her Toy Boys (John and Nick), her make up artist (Carol) and stylist (Sarah). Our shared tour manager (Ken) and Jessie's manager have a room off ours today so don't need to listen to us gas bagging -- ha! The communal bathrooms are off our changing room and are really lovely. A bigger shower than mine in London in fact! :)
We have our showers and head to catering... This is the fun part of the day. Normally the catering is incredible! Choice of fish, meat (white and red), veggie option, loads of fresh salads, a juicer with all that you need (carrot, ginger, celery etc), and the desserts -- OMG the desserts are always amazing! America definitely brings desserts to the next level!!! Cakes, all types of cookies, apple pies, carrot cakes, crumbles... yum yum yum. Yes please!
It's about 3 p.m. and we head back to the changing room, do our make up, get changed in our "stage outfits" and head to side stage to check that our DJ rig has been set up correctly. Our tour manager Ken normally meets us there as there are rules about "the artist" talking to production etc. We're happy cause generally that means that if there's ever an issue, then it's always sorted before we even know about it :)
The rig seems to be all alright so we head back to catering. This time we bring our Blackberrys so we can work, drink coffee, and eat cookies at the same time. We have to prepare for the next 4-5 days ahead of us as we're not staying on the tour but flying to Europe to play Tomorrowland in Belgium. Lots of packing and prepping to do. We need to go through promos for new music, prepare our sets for the weekend, and of course pick our outfits... Or at least plan on few options.
It transpires that EMI (Astralwerks) are planning on doing some filming of us at Tomorrowland - YAY! Must remember hats and sunglasses.
6 p.m. is already here and the doors are open. People have entered the arena so we're not allowed to go near the stage until call time (6:45). Mim and I are still busy at the tour bus going through what we should and shouldn't pack for the next few days. At 6:45, Mim and I meet Ken at stage left and get ready for the stage manager to call for us.
We play for 25 minutes -- mainly our own records/remixes we've done and tonight a Calvin Harris/Marco Reaver mash up. The crowd is super charged tonight ! Love it ! People in the front are standing up and as we leave the stage we even hear "Love you NERVO, saw you at Ultra" as we walk off. Awww so nice to hear !
Jessie goes on after us. Then Nicki Minaj and then Queen Bee Britney (who looks amazing btw!!). 
We are staying at The Sheraton tonight as we have a gig at Vantage from 12:30 to 2 a.m. Mim and I plan to meet a friend of ours (Sparrow) before the gig. We haven't seen him in a year and he lives in Orlando, so perfect excuse to get out of the arena early and be social.
We headed to Vantage by about 11:50 p.m. As we walk in people are jumping around screaming NERVO! Wow!! So flattered that people actually came to see us!!! A few came up to us and told us that they had seen us last November when we toured with Paul Oakenfold and Chuckie!! True clubbers ! Out on a (I think it's) Wednesday night and have followed us on Facebook ever since. Bless!
We got on the decks at 12:20 and didn't finish til 2:30! People were going crazy!!  They knew the words to all of our club releases (including the Tomorrowland anthem we did with Afrojack, Like Mike and Dimitri Vegas that only got released today). Wow what an amazing gig! Small intimate venue at its best -- we had our own little rave in there!
After the gig, we were taking photos with people who had come to our gig. So lovely!! One girl even ripped the posters from the bathroom and asked us to sign them. I wish I had some free stuff to give them ! :( Will have to organize that for the next Orlando trip!
Lost our friend Sparrow... hahaha think we got him too many free drinks so he had to make a quiet escape.
At 3:40 it's lights out. We have to be up in six hours.

Thursday, July 21st: Denver, gig at Beta

Up at 10 a.m. and are headed to the airport via Kinkos to get some printing done. We're preparing a birthday present for a friend of ours and it's proving to be quite a nightmare to get certain photos printed in the right sizes. The joys of trying to get stuff done whilst being on tour.
Lovely Dominican taxi driver, full of positivity, drives us to airport. He asks us if we were in a band... ha! Do we look like we're in a band?
Check in to our Southwest flight and head straight to the food court to get some breakfast (for lunch). Opted for Panda Express... Regretted it later and boarded the flight to Denver (via somewhere).
We arrive in Denver, and manage to catch a few hours sleep on the plane and do some more emails.
We are greeted by a driver at Denver airport and check into the Ritz Carlton. Such lovely rooms. Perfect temperature, playing spa music, comfiest beds ever and high speed internet. Had a 90 minute power nap. Spent next 40 minutes going through our set, re-listening to a few promos and were picked up at by Nelson from Beta nightclub. Stopped off at a cute burrito place for a quick bite and then headed to the club. We got to the club around midnight and were on at 12:30. Sean and Brad from The Manufactured Popstars came and hung out. Such lovely guys! Sean owns the club we're playing in tonight and both of them started up Beatport. Nothing major (NOT!).
We played a 2.5 hour set, managed to play our Tomorrowland anthem ("The Way We See The World") which was a definite highlight of the evening, as well as "Melosistible" and a mix of 'We're All No One' (Our first release through Astralwerks). The crowd was amazing! The sound in the club and especially the booth was supreme. We jumped on the microphone a few times to introduce our songs and tell the clubbers how wicked they are. They loved it proggy and hard -- perfect crowd to play for. Even caught some people singing the words to our songs (love that!!!).
At 2:25 we had to shut it down as the club needs to be empty by 2:30. We stayed back for about 25 minutes to sign autographs. It was the first time we have ever signed sneakers and caps. Normally people give us stickers or posters but this time people gave us their clothes!! Totally flattered but made me think I have to get a cooler tag signature.
Sean and Brad were both there until the end. Bless!! We're super excited to be on the ID Festival with them next month. Something tells me their tour bus is going to be a lot of fun!!
We head back to the hotel and straight to bed. 1:20 mins sleep, quick shower, pack up, and then Omar takes us to Denver airport.
Friday, July 22nd: Travel day
Denver - Charlotte - Philadelphia - Brussels. Thank God our luggage goes straight through! We managed to find a place at Philadelphia where you could pay $30/hour to sleep in your own private room. Mim and I quickly snapped up the opportunity and snuck in two hours sleep.
We try and tackle the emails on Blackberrys in between flights. An exciting thing that came through today was Diesel in The UK would like to gift us some clothes and also talk "bigger picture" with NERVO. Woohoo!! So exciting!! Who doesn't love a freebie!
Now I'm on the flight to Brussels, have just finished an edit on a club track that we're doing with Norman Doray (was meant to finish it weeks ago ://) and have finished writing my tour blog. Off to sleep now for about four hours except the guy in front of me keeps knocking his seat and it's really annoying!
Something that always seems to entertain me for a few minutes is the Skymall Magazine! FULL of useless stuff. I mean, WHO actually buys anything in these magazines????

Saturday, July 23rd: Tomorrowland Festival, day 1
SO SO SO many great DJs playing!! I can't wait to check out their sets and catch up with a lot of friendly faces.
We arrive on site at around 3 p.m. and head straight to artist area to get our wristbands. As we turn up we bump into Steve Aoki so decide to head over to his stage all together. We haven't seen Steve perform since Ultra (Miami) 2010 so definitely looking forward to it now.
Straight to main stage, Steve is getting the crowd revved up to the max. He's on the mic performing his new song live and interacts with the audience the whole time. There's champagne being sprayed everywhere, water lylo's being thrown out to the crowd, crowd surfing... The crowd was loving it! Then, toward the end of his set Afrojack turns up. Steve gets on the mic and announces  "We got NERVO in the house" (ahhh!!) " And we got Afrojack in the house!!!" The crowd went mental. Such a nice guy to shout out for us like that!!!
So, Afrojack gets on. The rain hasn't started yet but the clouds look gray and angry :/// Rain, hail or sunshine the crowd doesn't care, it's obvious they're there to see Afrojack work his magic and play his new material -- including the Tomorrowland anthem that we did together :)))
As he drops the anthem, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike jump on stage and Afrojack announces it and introduces us. The drop is absolutely insane! At this point we're on such a high to a) be at this incredible festival with such great people and b) see a crowd connect with our music. Such a buzz!
Avicii comes to the main stage because he's on next. We all have a moment together cause we don't get to see each other that much and we've done a few records with him so it was nice to catch up. Avicii remixed a record we wrote for Armin Van Buuren called "Drowning" and now we're working on a few tracks for both our albums. Tim (aka Avicii) gets on stage. He plays two of our collabs in the first 20 minutes. Just when I thought today couldn't get any better, I see how the crowd react and have another pinch-myself-moment! Mim and I are so incredibly happy right now. Feels like the stars are aligning and our hard work is being recognized.
Annoyingly the rain comes out and the security are getting angry that we're all hanging behind the booth (including Afrojack!) so we all head back to the artist area and Avicii finishes off his set. In the artist area we run into more buddies who are all hanging out. Sometimes I can't believe this is actually a job of ours!
Afrojack was sweet enough to do an interview with us for the video guys that are following us around. 
We run to mainstage to get the last bit of Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike's set cause they've told us they're going to drop our song -- "The Way We See The World." There must be about 50,000 people there. The second we hear our track being mixed in from the other record we grab the mic and peform it live!! AHH, the first time we have ever done that! All four of us jump on top of the stage and have a moment together. The crowd goes CRAZY! I'm quite glad we didn't think about what we were doing cause otherwise we would have been super nervous.
What an AMAZING day. Am so happy we're writing this tour diary cause we want to remember this forever. Thank you Belgium for being such a WICKED crowd.
Love and respect to all the music makers at that festival!

Sunday, July 24th: Tomorrowland Festival, day 2
Up quite early as we want to make sure we're prepared for today. We want to double check our set and also pick our outfits. So wish we had our London wardrobe with us but guess we have to make do with the one suitcase we're living out for three months... The joys of touring :////
Head down to breakfast and run into some more friends -- John Dahlback, Linus (Style Of Eye), Sharam and some managers and agents. We all talk about how we hope it doesn't rain, where we're all off to next and where we'll hopefully all meet again. Ibiza tends to be a good meeting point and also other festivals.
We get our transfer to the festival. Nerves are kicking in big time. We do a few press interviews in the artist area and then head to main stage where Thomas Gold is playing. Small but enthusiastic crowd.
We're up. The MC announces us. We press play but no sound... After some rewiring we get sound but it's all the wrong way around. Our right deck is actually our left channel on the mixer and vice versa. Super stressful! Think it had something to do with the digital settings at the back of the mixer... I don't know... Either way the sound guy didn't know how to fix it and we had a crowd waiting with no music... After about seven minutes (which felt like an hour) we load a track and get on with it.  We played a lot of our new records/collabs including our up coming single -- "We're All No One," which is being released Sept. 9th. We played the "Hook N Sling" remix. Nice and tough and great for a festival.
Our John Dahlback collab went down really well, and finally we closed with The Tomorrowland Anthem - "The Way We See The World." Right on cue Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike come on stage and we all jump around and share the moment. It's definitely moments like this that make all the long hours and craziness worth it!!!! 100 percent!
Thank you Tomorrowlanders for being such a great crowd! We had the best first time in Belgium ever.!
So, over to the artist area to meet with our manager and some more press people. Run into the boys form Groove Armada plus a few other peeps. We talk about collaborating and hopefully we find the time to make it happen soon! After the interviews we head back to main stage to support Chuckie. Wow -- I missed his sets. So full of energy. He's got about four records playing at once and the crowd in the palm of his hand.

Up next is Mr. David Guetta. I'm wondering if we can call him "Sir" yet? It feels like the whole festival are here waiting for him. Steve Angello from the Swedish House Mafia pops his head in. Steve has had his own tent at this festival where he has showcased a bunch of people who release on Size (his indie dance label which is killing it!).
We say hello to David. He looks amazing!! Pure superstar. His outfit is super cool and he looks a million bucks. Still though, he's the same down to earth guy he'll ever be. One of those guys that will never change -- doesn't matter how successful he becomes. The man has literally transformed the face of pop music around the world. He has paved the way for so many of us to have a voice -- thank you David! You're amazing!! Keep killing it!!
Straight after David, we head to Dim Mak tent to support Steve Aoki and Afrojack who are playing back to back. They're closing the tent with the last set of the day. The crowd is literally fanatical. All hanging for Steve or Afrojack to do anything from put their hand up in the air, to jump on the mic, to mix a new record, to >>> introduce their lastest collab with little old NERVO :))))) Woop woop !
Luckily I had my SD card ready to go so we loaded it in one of the CDJs and for the first time ever Afrojack and Aoki heard the Hook N Sling mix of our next single. The crowd loved it, but even if they didn't I wouldn't have known about it cause we were too busy jumping around and enjoying the moment. These two boys are so lovely to let us crash their stage and share this moment. It's all love!!! One love!
We run off stage, sign a few autographs, hand out a few stickers and security rush us to a back stage tent where we all decompress. Nick has to run off to play another gig (I think he has played six gigs in 24 hours) and we get the next shuttle back to the hotel. Don't think we'll head to the after party that Afrojack and Sidney are playing at cause we need to sleep!

Monday, July 25th: Travel day back to USA for Britney tour
On a plane on the way back to America. Feeling super tired but charged at the same time from such a fun weekend. Can't sleep with this baby in the seat in front of me so I may as well do some work. Got emails to catch up on, tour diary to write :p and might re-visit the Norman Doray edit we did... 

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